New member from KRYY, Kennesaw GA

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New member from KRYY, Kennesaw GA

Postby RBearden56 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:17 pm

Hello and glad to find a forum for LSA pilots and students. I grew up around aircraft, my father was Air Force crew member on the old EC121 Connies and I served 25 years enlisted in the Air Forces as well. Before I joined I started my Private Pilot training, got the ground school, passed the FAA written test, and was ready for my check ride but Michigan weather in December does not bode well for VFR Flight or check rides and my reporting date had arrived. And after that raising a family on enlisted pay made the dream of being a pilot impractical. After retirement and moving back home to GA I work next to KRYY and see aircraft all the time and the bug woke up. But passing the class 3 medical was going to be a challenge until a friend told me about the Light Sport pilot certificate. This was more to my type of flying so I started over. I have 17 hours, passed the FAA written exam (again), finished my three instructor supervised solos, doing my solo cross country this week end and then preparing for the check ride. A lot has changed for the better but the number of LSA aircraft are few as most good ones are over at or over 100K. I was thinking about renting but I found an Allegro 2000 E-LAS and bought it at a very good price so I am set for now.
I still have a bit of a time wrapping my mind around why does a private pilot need a medical when a LSP is almost the same with the restrictions. I would like it if they drop the class 3 medical and allow pilots whop acquire hours to fly larger aircraft (my Allegro is larger and faster than a Cessna 150/152) and carry more than one passenger. Does a small dog in a carry on bag count when my wife flies with me? I think that if they did that they could treat it like flying into class D, C or B airspace, with proper training, establish required hours, and a log book endorsement, or check ride. My first trainer was a Beechcraft B19 Sport. 150hp engine and 4 place aircraft heavier that 600Kg but not much faster, if at all. There are LSA around for less than 50K so if airworthy a good buy and courses available to do maintenance under the LSRM and if experimental you can do your own annuals under the LSRI cert.
Look forward to completing the training and going to some airshows or Oshkosh...

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Re: New member from KRYY, Kennesaw GA

Postby TimTaylor » Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:26 pm

Welcome Randy. I live in Roswell and fly out of KGVL. There is really no reason to wish this and that. It's better IMHO to accept where we are and have fun flying within the privileges and limitations that puts on us. I missed out on Basic Med by 45 days or I would be the proud owner of a Mooney M20C in which I have over 400 hours.
Retired from flying.

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Re: New member from KRYY, Kennesaw GA

Postby Jim Hardin » Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:13 am

Welcome Randy!

The difference between Private Pilot and Sport Pilot is bureaucratic control! After 25 years of service, and thank you for that, I would think you recognized it :D

After years of lip service about the Basic Medical proposal, it took Congress to force the FAA into action.

Again, welcome aboard and looking forward to your posts.

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Re: New member from KRYY, Kennesaw GA

Postby Half Fast » Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:18 pm

Welcome! Glad to have you here. Best of luck with finishing up your SP ticket.
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Re: New member from KRYY, Kennesaw GA

Postby Scooper » Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:32 pm

Welcome, Randy! I learned to fly while on active duty in the Air Force stationed at Vandenberg AFB in 1963 and 1964. I joined the VAFB aero club and trained in the club's Cessna 150. About halfway through my private training, I got transferred to Hill AFB, Utah, which had just shut down its aero club :( , so I finished my training and got my private ticket at the local Ogden FBO in one of their C-172s in September, 1964.

In 2006, I let my third class special issuance medical lapse and began flying as a sport pilot using my valid California drivers license in lieu of a medical. I bought a 2008 AMD CH601XL-B S-LSA and changed the certification to "Experimental operating as Light Sport" so I could perform my own maintenance, then took the Rainbow Aviation Services LSR-I 16 hour course and obtained my Light Sport Repairman-Inspection certificate so I can now perform my own annual condition inspections.

In May, I took the BasicMed Self-Assessment AOPA on-line course and exam, and had my primary care physician complete the BasicMed physical exam and checklist. Now I can fly bigger airplanes, but frankly I'm very happy flying my Zodiac.
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