TL Ultralight Stream Turbo

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TL Ultralight Stream Turbo

Postby Warmi » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:44 am

So I was wondering when TL Ultralight is going to make the jump to Rotax 915is ... perhaps for their latest Stream plane ( ... aft/stream ) or so I thought ...

Well, they just announced testing of their Stream Turbo with increased 1760 lbs gross and , get this, a PBS TP100 turboprop engine ( ... rop-engine ) with 200 HP.

I am not sure about that - their retract Stream model is already crushing at 150 knots with Rotax 912 ULS and the gross increase is there to allow for larger fuel tanks since the turbo prop, however efficient and small it is as far as turbo prop engines go, it cruises at 25 GPH which is about 5 times more GPH than Rotax for twice the HP increase.
Yes , it can cruise at 29 000 feet but ... I think a more modest , 915is equipped model, would have been a wiser choice ... I am also wondering if European rules allow for turbo props powered ultralights :-) ... I know they don’t have explicit speed limits and allow for retracts but this seems a bit extreme :D
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Re: TL Ultralight Stream Turbo

Postby jetcat3 » Tue Nov 12, 2019 10:17 pm

Wow, that is some crazy news! I’m kind of obsessed with the PBS TJ100 and TP100 so this would make a potent combination indeed on the Stream. Also, as a side note the Risen 914 is hitting 190 knots cruise which is just bonkers! Seems like one could modify that bird with the TJ100 and have an all composite SubSonex look a like with its V-tail.

I’m pretty perplexed as to why TL isn’t going to implement the 915 iS at this time. That would make way more sense but you can’t beat a turbine for the cool factor and reliability. The PBS is a sweet engine, just super thirsty as it’s a fairly simple single stage centrifugal compressor for the gas generator stage. I’ve been dreaming about putting that on a Carbon Cub EX3 for about the whole year now. I think that would make a wicked combination!

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