ADS-B for Evektor Sportstar?

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Re: ADS-B for Evektor Sportstar?

Postby drdehave » Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:25 pm

So maybe directly contacting the factory is the key here ( I had no idea there was another distributor in Florida .)
Nice thing about TL is that our current MEL is pretty darn extensive and contains just about every piece of major avionics released in the last 5-10 years but it would be nice to have a way to get new stuff in as needed.

Supposedly, we can still obtain parts, going through Sportair. I have an order in now, which will test that approach. If it fails, I'll go direct to TL; all the info on how to do that is on TL's website. And yes, I couldn't agree more: the existing MEL allows us so much latitude! Too bad that party (for easily making additions) seems to be over--for now, at least.

BTW: My Sting just roared through 2,700 hours, still running like a top, with better compression in the cylinders than I had at 600 hrs. And the fuel tank major repair I made 3 years ago is stable, so far--keeping my fingers crossed!
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Re: ADS-B for Evektor Sportstar?

Postby Dave C » Thu Dec 05, 2019 1:18 pm

drseti wrote:FWIW, one of my maintenance customers applied last week for an LoA to install the uAvionix SkyBeacon on his Evektor SportStar. He received the LoA via email just 3 days later! Kudos to Steve Minnich of Dreans Come True Aviation for expediting.

Steve was very helpful to me in getting the LOA for the EchoUAT system.

I initially looked at the SkyBeacon but I couldn't figure out a way to make it work with the wingtip rear position lights that are on my Sportstar. Do you know how that issue was worked out? Do some Sportstars have different lighting arrangements?

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Re: ADS-B for Evektor Sportstar?

Postby drseti » Thu Dec 05, 2019 1:37 pm

Dave C wrote:Do some Sportstars have different lighting arrangements?

Yes, the early 2005s (essentially a Eurostar with the paperwork tweaked to meet the US LSA rules) have a white tail Iight, and possibly a tail strobe.

They also have a fuselage fuel tank (in the baggage compartment) instead if wing tanks. Rather like the RV12.
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Re: ADS-B for Evektor Sportstar?

Postby drdehave » Wed Feb 26, 2020 7:31 pm

DAVE C (above) Asked: Has anyone tried the echoUAT? It is very reasonably priced, small and has ADS-B IN and OUT.

02/26/2020 Update. My mechanic installed my EchoUAT/SkyFYX-EXT in my 2007 Sting Sport yesterday. The unit, from Aircraft Spruce was $1399. Install took him 5 hours and some small parts (antenna cable, etc.), amounting to a little over $500. There was no rebate, as these expired long ago.

Yes, an LOA was needed from TL Ultralight. I went direct to them--in the Czech Republic--and got it overnight. It's specific to my airplane and not a blanket authorization. Also, to my knowledge, this unit is not yet on the Master Equipment List (MEL) for TL's aircraft.

And here are a few installation notes from my job, that may be helpful to other Sting owners: 1. We mounted the all-in-one GPS+antenna on the rear luggage deck, pilot's side; 2. The EchoUAT was mounted to the cross-beam, beneath and just rear of the pilot's seat; 3. The OUT antenna was mounted near the rear-bottom of the fuselage, just fore of the GRS parachute (there are now three such antennas, all about 3-ft apart, on the bottom); 4. A single power line was brought off the Electronics Master switch; 5. A ground line was brought off the large blue ground which passes through the firewall to the Ducati Regulator; and 6. Ground/Power lines were routed through the existing wiring tunnel along the pilot's left fuselage side (under the gray fabric, below the armrest).

There was a minor 10-minute hiccup during configuration. This was quickly resolved--something about baud rate--by a call to UAvioniX. Man, they are so nice & helpful!

And this morning, I did a 1 hr and 20 min flight, then pulled the trigger to submit my Public Performance Report, and had that PPR 30 seconds later! It is my understanding that the PPR is not required, but is nevertheless a good idea to verify everything is working properly. The report had no exceptions or Red "Dings."

Job done! This pulled me in--kicking and screaming--just like the 5-year rubber replacements did 10 years ago. But, I'm glad it's done!

Excuse me now, whilst I go switch it to Anonymous Mode (until I need it)--and go back to doing what I was doing...
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