Any Czech/Piper Sport Cruiser owners out there?

Talk about airplanes! At last count, there are 39 (and growing) FAA certificated S-LSA (special light sport aircraft). These are factory-built ready to fly airplanes. If you can't afford a factory-built LSA, consider buying an E-LSA kit (experimental LSA - up to 99% complete).

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Re: Any Czech/Piper Sport Cruiser owners out there?

Postby 3Dreaming » Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:03 pm

ShawnM wrote:
3Dreaming wrote:
ShawnM wrote:Trent is also not flying a LSA, it's an E-AB so the sky's the limit as to what he wants to do.

Just because it is E-AB doesn't mean the sky is the limit. If he is flying it as a sport pilot it still has to meet the CFR 1.1 definition.

He's not, Trent is a private pilot not a sport pilot. And of course there are "some" limitations but not like LSA. Maybe my statement was a bit of an overgeneralization but when compared to LSA the sky is pretty much the limit with E-AB.

For a ELSA compared to a E-AB if you want them to stay eligible to be flown by a sport pilot your hands are pretty much tied in the same way. If you are not worried about the aircraft being sport pilot eligible, then yes you can pretty much do what you want.

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