SP Student - Advice Course Study Package(s) Questions?

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SP Student - Advice Course Study Package(s) Questions?

Postby SSDriver » Sun May 01, 2011 11:52 pm

Hello everyone,
I just began training for Sport Pilot last month and loving every minute of it.

The Training operation I am going through (Part 61) uses the Gleim materials. I am looking at the online ground school that Gleim offers. DVD's or an Online course(s) are more comfortable for me. Also my thinking that is if updates are needed to the course materials because of the FAA test changes coming, it's likely to be updated online before print will be?

I was also reviewing Sportys DVD courses, I connected & enjoyed the sample videos I saw from them on Youtube but the package they offer on their online store said it was for "Recreational Pilot" not "Sport Pilot" Recreational is a different license as I understood it?

I'm not trying to short-cut myself. I just have a retention problem with studying with books. Like many folks these days, my free time for study is limited and valuable and I just want to maximize my exposure to material that's effective but relevant.

I appreciate any help!

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Paul Hamilton
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Postby Paul Hamilton » Sat May 28, 2011 8:30 am

Yes finding the best study materials with all the options is tough. I advise people on a daily basis of what to get. Some like books. Others want videos. Some want to study for the written knowledge first. Others want to avoid this as long as possible. As far as the knowledge test, we all give you the questions and answers. It is a matter of practice at this multiple choice test. Even with new questions, if you study and can get a 90% consistently on the practice test you will have no problem getting through the actual test. We have the Prepware CD for about 30 bucks that you can learn, practice, take sample tests, and get your endorsement to take the actual. http://www.ap-stores.com/p-51-prepware- ... tware.aspx All the different brands basically do the same thing.

Now the real question is what is the best way to learn all the aeronautical knowledge to become a safe and confident pilot. Here is where there is a big difference.

Here is where I have developed a unique approach for the individual and schools to learn. here is where there are videos on learning how to fly and learning weather, one of the most important aspects of flying safe. here I will point you at my web site where there is a complete description. Plus you can call me directly with any questions at 775 772 8232. The web sites are specificly for sport pilots, not private pilot stuff modified for sport pilots:
http://sport-pilot-training.com/hamilto ... -training/


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