EAA Chapter 186 Flyin Warrenton Faquier (KHWY)

Fly-Ins are excuses for pilots to go somewhere and eat. Airplanes. Food. What else could you ask for? Know of an upcoming fly-in? A great $100 hamburger? Don't keep it a secret. Share it here!

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EAA Chapter 186 Flyin Warrenton Faquier (KHWY)

Postby rsteele » Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:15 am

EAA Chapter 186 will hold their annual(ish) fly-in Oct 1, 2016 at KHWY. 8:00 to 4:00

This is my home airport. There are a lot of interesting planes hangared there and the fly-in should see most of these an many more. HWY is home to several Stearmans, Cubs, Champs, a Fleet, a veritable fleet of Vans RVs, some sort of large sea plane (mallard, duck, goose, I'm really not sure) and a lot of friendly people.

I'll probably be in my hangar, 408, plugging away on my project Zenith.


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