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November 4-6 at Fly-in and EAA Airshow at Gloster Aerodrome

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 10:42 am
by MackAttack
Just a heads up - we have an annual fly-in and air show at my airport, Gloster Aerodrome (1XA7) just west of the Houston Bravo. I just started renting a hangar there - 3 very well-kept turf runways, two of which are over 3000' long and all three are very wide; fuel available. Perfect field for LSA's actually. It's in the country, so if you're staying overnight a tent might be helpful. I hear it's a solid event - no Oshkosh, of course, but nice. No link available yet but the airport is at

If you are thinking about coming out, let me know. I will post further updates as well. This is more of a long-range heads up ...