Liberty Aviation Museum and lake erie islands

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Liberty Aviation Museum and lake erie islands

Postby mcurcio1989 » Tue Oct 14, 2014 11:22 am

I wanted to give a little write up about this area because I think it has a lot to offer for pilots especially and it would make for a really cool weekend trip. Maybe I'm just not in the loop enough but this really seems like a hidden gem to me and I'd love to see more people enjoy the area as I have.

I'm not sure who all gets around the northwest Ohio area or has any trips going by but I have really enjoyed stopping by here. I haven't been to a whole lot of airports but this is my favorite one to go to. They have a small museum with a B-25, T-6, Tri motor, TBM Avenger, and various other vehicles. The airport is well run and usually has a decent amount of traffic. The museum has a really nice facility located right on the airport (PCW) and in addition to the museum there is a restaurant about 100 feet of the runway that pilots can tie down at and go get a bite (good food with an aviation theme) while watching other aircrafts come in (they also have a radio tuned in to CTAF kind of on an intercom). It is an old fashioned feel and a really fun place to grab a bite. The area has a lot to offer as well. Its kind of the port town for the lake Erie Islands. Which all have there own airports. Put in Bay (3W2) is the largest of the islands (as far as attractions go) and has a lot to do. I haven't ever flown in there (I've always taken the ferry but that will change now that I have my ticket!) but it is a blast and there are all kinds of bars and restaurants - you will not feel like your in the Midwest. You can rent golf carts to get around the island for the day they have a winery and all kinds of cool stuff regardless of your mood. Cedar Point Amusement park is a few miles from PCW. Cedar Point is one of the top ranked amusement parks in the world with the biggest and most roller coasters basically anywhere. It's fun to fly by and if your into amusement parks it is obviously worth going to.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to share my experiences here but you can check them out through the websites.

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Re: Liberty Aviation Museum and lake erie islands

Postby putinbay » Wed May 23, 2018 12:34 pm

Thank you for your post about our community Put-in-Bay Ohio and the Put-in-bay Airport which is our lifeline in the winter months when the ferry boats are not running. On behalf of the Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau we invite you and your fellow pilots to fly in for a visit.

Our little 2.5 mile by 4-mile island offers quite a bit to do from caves, winery tours, watersports to some of the best Lake Erie Walleye fishing you will find anywhere! We have some of the best restaurants in the area and several hotels and resorts on the island should you choose to stay overnight. Our other web based resource for the island is and between these sites, you should be able to find everything you need to know about the island.

One thing the original poster did not mention is that there is no fuel available at the Put-in-Bay airport and that takeoffs and landings are only permitted from sunrise to sunset as our runway is not lit.

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Re: Liberty Aviation Museum and lake erie islands

Postby foresterpoole » Mon May 28, 2018 5:02 pm

I grew up in Cleveland, spent a few weekends a summer on the Bass Islands (Put-in-Bay is one)and Kelly's Island. I can give my personal stamp of approval to them. They are very nice places, people are generally very nice as well and prices are not horrible. Vinyards, bars and good night life if your into that, if not it is family friendly. I've never been to the airport, but the islands are beautiful. Perry's monument and the glacial grooves are worth the trip if your a history nerd like me. There was a write-up in the AOPA magazine not too long ago about a trip a writer took with their kids, very nice piece.

If your in the area and have some time the Crawford auto and aviation museum in Cleveland is worth the trip, it's more classic cars, but there is a section dedicated to the Cleveland Air Races with a few origional aircraft. Also in Akron is the MAPS Air Museum, it's not bad and is located at KCAK, it's on the field so at one point I thought you could taxi to it if you landed there (it's towered so you'd need a sign off for sport pilots).

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