ASA Prepware issues

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ASA Prepware issues

Postby TDFlyer » Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:02 am

Just passed my FOI with a 94% (missed 3 really oddly-worded questions that were not in the Prepware question bank)

Some of the questions you just can't win:
Question 6040.13 lists programming a GPS receiver as a skill of the Psychomotor Domain

Question 6040.12 lists programming a GPS receiver as a skill of the Cognitive Domain

What's up with that?

Now hitting the SIA (Sport Instructor, Airplane) study questions, and seeing several questions that have nothing to do with the SP rating, such as questions about icing with constant-speed propellers, retractable landing gear, flying at night, etc. I am going to start recording them as I encounter them.

Is this a result of ASA not correctly sorting the questions for the SIA question bank, or are these questions going to be in the actual FAA knowledge test?

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