CFI-S Wrriten Test - Sheppard Air?

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CFI-S Wrriten Test - Sheppard Air?

Postby kaputt16 » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:03 pm

First post here, pretty excited to be getting the opportunity to be a part time Sport instructor at my local airfield.

Been working on studying for the written, and I was curious if anyone had used the Sheppard Air CFI airplane test prep to help them for the CFI Sport? From what I have gathered, the CFI and CFI Sport tests pull from the same question bank, with the CFI-S test having less questions due to things that aren't applicable (but adding a few Sport specific items).

The nice thing about Sheppard Air is only having to study what it going to show up on the test. If anyone has taken both and could compare the questions that showed up between the two, that would be awesome!


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