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Glad to join

Postby ChiMike » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:11 pm

Glad to be part of this group. Went to flight training in May, 2016 at age 57 at First Landings in Apopka, FL and was certificated 10 months later in March, 2017. (The moral is you’re never too old to give it a shot if that’s what you commit to do.)

Purchased a 2015 P2008-turbo in June of this year: sn 101 from the original owner. Routinely fly cross country at 8,500- 9,500 at 125-130 Ktas cruise on the autopilot and listen to SiriusXM. Otherwise it’s local area at 3,000 and bumpin’ with the thermals: love it! Other than the heat of the day on the tarmac, it is comfortable, stable, capable, and just feels safe in the air. I live in downtown Chicago and base the plane at Gary airport.

I did training in Tecnam 2004’s, P-92’s, an old beat up 1964 Cessna 172, and several Flight Design CTLS’s. I didn’t fly a P2008 until after I was licensed: there is no comparison to any of those other planes. After all, the ‘08 is the high wing Cirrus of Europe when it comes to comparing looks, agility, comfort, and performance to any other plane in its class— and most other high wing single engine GA aircraft. The ‘08 just is better all the way around.

As I fly around I’m always complimented on what a sharp looking plane the ‘08t is, followed by ‘now, what kind of plane is that?’ And ‘why does it say Light Sport?’ ‘Seriously? That isn’t a Light Sport—it’s as big as a 172’. To which I get to reply, ‘not quite, but it’s wider, cheaper to operate and faster!’

My ‘08t meets my mission, is fun, and 5-6 gph of mogas (depending on cruise speed) makes it quite economical to fly and enjoy.

Yes, buying a plane is a big commitment— regardless of aircraft year/model or purchase cost. But once certificated, if you can, do it. Then you’ll have it always available and you can go FLY!

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Re: Glad to join

Postby joey4420 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:29 am

Welcome to the forum. I did similar, at 47, started in Nov 2016 finished may 2017 but I purchase a 1946 Ercoupe. Not as fast but oh so much fun. Got my plane officially on Aug 10th and had 29 hours on her by the end of Sept. This month is slower due to weather and work.
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Re: Glad to join

Postby Warmi » Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:10 am

Similar story here .. always wanted to fly so finally in my 40s got around to get a license and got myself a small plane which turned to be a lot of fun.
To be sure, an expensive hobby, but what else I can do with whatever money I happen to have, but to spend it ...

I am located at Bult field, pretty close to Gary ... every time I take off and head north I get gps screaming at me that either Midway or Gary airspace immediately ahead... heh
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Re: Glad to join

Postby chicagorandy » Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:29 am

Welcome youngster - I'm an even 'newbier' 68 yrs old and just started Gleim Sport Pilot ground school at home and online.
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Re: Glad to join

Postby Wm.Ince » Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:22 am

This is great . . . seeing you guys follow your dream . . . especially in the later years.
Welcome to all of you.
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Re: Glad to join

Postby Type47 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:33 pm

Similar story.
I began training at First Landings Aviation in Apopka, Florida April 2016 at 53 and passed my check ride that September.
I trained in tecnam Bravos, p92 there and occasionally Jabiru and Flight Design up in Minnesota.
I located and purchased a 2006 Tecnam P92E in Clearwater and purchased it last November, flew it around Apopka over the winter, and flew it home with my wife to Minnesota KAUM in April.
We fly to fly in breakfasts most weekends and fly to northern mn to visit friends occasionally.
Some times I feel like an amusement ride operator giving my grandkids rides.
Becoming a sport pilot is an achievement I am very proud of and flying around in my own plane gives me great satisfaction. Worth all the effort and money.
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