Rumplestilskin here...

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Andrew G
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Re: Rumplestilskin here...

Postby Andrew G » Mon Aug 13, 2018 5:16 am

Thank you Tim and Bill... yes, I joined the CT forum... tons of passionate advocates and advice on the type.

Presently in the Ground school phase, learning everything I can. The major difference in learning between the 1970's and today is the internet, i.e. YouTube and of course Forums like this one. The only outside help we had in the 70's were the old guys (I am now one...; ) hanging out at the airport. Today, if I have a question such as "how to calculate Density Altitude?"... or like yesterday... an embarrassing question such as "what is airspeed is alive?"... I can pull up lots of videos dealing with the subject from real pilots at differing experience levels. Believe me, learning in this modern environment and having GPS, Flight Following, and radios that actually work... is a joy compared to the old environment. What I do lament is the lack of people at airports. When I was a kid, the local airports were always busy. There were no fences, flight schools were busy and active and the old timers were always there... ALWAYS there hanging out. Offering advice whether you need it or not :D

My goal is to make it to Oshkosh '19 through the Rippon Gauntlet and safely encamped. A lotta aviation readin', ritin' and 'rithmetic to do first.

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Jim Hardin
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Re: Rumplestilskin here...

Postby Jim Hardin » Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:50 am

YouTube is just like the internet. Just because it is there doesn't mean it is true! In the case of YouTube, that goes double :roll:

Look, sure but this is one of the best sites you will find to get honest and accurate answers.

Light aircraft could care less if airspeed alive is reached. It flys when it is ready not by a yank at a specific speed :wink:

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