Check ride in an American Legend Cub

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Check ride in an American Legend Cub

Postby spaulus » Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:17 am

Has anyone completed a check ride in an American Legend Cub ? Pass ? Fail? Why? Is there a alot of emphasis placed on cross country planning? Diversion, ( ETE to alternate ) fuel burn, ground speed, etc.

What about sloppy landing roll outs ( too much over correcting on the pedals ) ? Failed ?

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Re: Check ride in an American Legend Cub

Postby rcpilot » Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:55 am

Didn't take my checkride in a Cub but since I just did mine last December I'll share what I recall. I have a portable GPS and had planned my x-country on it. When he told me to divert, he made me turn it off and use the sectional. He wanted to know what course I would fly and how far was it to where he wanted me to divert. I had to do power-on/off stalls, steep turns, turns around a point, slow flight and we did a simulated engine out. I had to do soft and short field takeoffs/landings, a go around and a normal landing. My short field landing was a bit long so on my final landing he picked a spot about a third down the runway for me to land(nailed it). IMHO they're not looking to fail you. If you show them you have a reasonable understanding and can demonstrate basic skills(you don't have to be perfect) you will do fine.

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