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Postby MrMorden » Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:48 am

Over the weekend I took the Light Sport Repairman - Inspection (LSRI) course from Michael Huffman at Sport Aviation Specialties:

The course was pretty good, but the information in it was pretty basic. It is for inspection only, so maintenance and alterations are not really covered, only how to spot and correct deficiencies during a condition inspection.

Anybody on this forum could probably take the course and pass the test with little issue. That said, I did learn some things and I felt the course was valuable. I also have to say Mr. Huffman does a great job with it, it's very well organized and presented. If anybody in the Southeast (or even farther away) has an E-LSA or is just interested in increasing their proficiency in spotting squawks, I can definitely recommend this.

One thing that was hammered home in the course is that even though experimental aircraft really don't have to abide by most rules regarding manufacturer specified maintenance, TBO, etc, the person performing the inspection does have to certify the aircraft "is in a condition for safe operation", which is hard to justify if certain recommended maintenance is not performed.

Now I have to go to the FSDO with the class certificate and get a repairman cert issued for my CTSW. There's always another piece of red tape to cut through!
Andy Walker
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Postby FastEddieB » Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:15 am

I took that course from Mike Huffman back in 2010 and have done my own Annual Condition Inspections since then.

Mike said he would welcome me sitting in on the class as a refresher, and I did for Saturday's session with Andy.

As Andy said, the course is fairly basic and the goal is to give a brief overview of the regulations and inspection procedures for Experimental Light Sports. I think it covers all the basics pretty well.

Anyway, Saturday's session left me a bit more enthused about the Annual Condition Inspection due on my Sky Arrow next month.
Honestly, it seems like I just did one!

Next time the class repeats, I may try to sit in on the Sunday session as well. That's more a "hands on" day.
Fast Eddie B.
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