Fueling - StingSport TL 2000 2006 model

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Fueling - StingSport TL 2000 2006 model

Postby Dbo25 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:33 am


The manual states 92 octane for fueling and I've been informed that it can't have ethanol.

There's one gas station in town with 91 octane no ethanol fuel - will this do??

Sting owners know there's a grounding wire on the right main landing gear. If I'm using fuel containers, does there need to be another grounding wire attached to the containers to the exhaust? The manual seems to suggest it but it all seems really excessive.

Curious to know what other sting owners do to fuel!



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Re: Fueling - StingSport TL 2000 2006 model

Postby Warmi » Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:36 pm

That's interesting .. I have Sting S4 which is pretty much like your Sting , just a newer model ( with different wing, cowling and cockpit enhancements) but the same engine and internals and my POH states Mogas 91 or Avgas ... so I have been happily feeding it Mogas 91.

As far as using containers , I have not been using any special grounding except the wire that comes with the plane.
I was just making sure to place containers on the ground and only then pick these up and make sure to have the containers always with contact with the wing etc..
I would also swipe both containers and the fuel entry point with a wet cloth before fueling - read somewhere that this may help but frankly, some of that advice sound like old wives tales , there simply no reliable info on-line ... everyone seem to be have their own way of doing it.


I only had my sting for about a month so still learning just like you ...
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Re: Fueling - StingSport TL 2000 2006 model

Postby Jim Hardin » Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:41 pm

The Wet Cloth will remove dust in those area it is wiped over but not static :D

Not a Sting expert but the one I flew had a grounding wire on the right wheel assembly that drags the ground.

An airplane can pickup a static charge while flying, so it needs to be grounded to discharge.

A container, plastic is the worst, can pick up a static charge while being fueled, so it too needs grounding.

That said has anyone ever seen or heard a spark while refueling? I'm not throwing caution to the wind but other than grounding the two offenders, I have never lost sleep over it.

91 vs 92? Using what octane rating method? There are many to choose from. And in reality do we really know what is coming out of that nozzle.

I would buy and use it without a second thought!

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Re: Fueling - StingSport TL 2000 2006 model

Postby drdehave » Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:41 pm

1. Yes, at least 91 octane alcohol-free is required, per this 2015 Service Bulletin from the manufacturer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mnva2xwglp0i4 ... 5.pdf?dl=0

2. Yes, the Sting S3s at least, have a grounding wire running down the right strut to the ground. It needs to be pulled down once in a while to be sure it is dragging ground. There's extra wire coiled up inside the hull under the seats.

3. I've never grounded any of the 1,760 5-gal. plastic jugs of gas I've poured into my Sting S3. Does that make me lucky, stupid, or some combination of both? I don't know. But I defy someone to point out even one such fire from a static discharge in the USA in the past year.

4. There's some "stuff" in this document based on my Sting S3 experiences over 2,000 hours of flight; much of it is applicable to other TL Ultralight models, too: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ctcdnqh8yrjet ... 7.pdf?dl=0
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