Skycatcher Selling Price

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Skycatcher Selling Price

Postby DennisPersyk » Mon May 22, 2017 5:05 pm

Hello Group,

I recently passed my BasicMed so I will be selling my Skycatcher. I see asking prices in the range of $49.9K to $86.5K on TradeAPlane. I have no idea what they have actually been selling for. My plane has 380 hours, Dual MFD and is 9.5 in and out.

I'd appreciate guidance as to what a fair asking price would be. Thanks!

Fly safely and frequently.
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Re: Skycatcher Selling Price

Postby TimTaylor » Mon May 22, 2017 8:22 pm

I would start by getting a price from AOPA price ref or whatever they call it. Also compare to any others you can find listed. I had a contract on a really nice 2011 for $55,000 including 2 years free hanger, but got cold feet and backed out. Let me know what you end up asking for it. Thanks.
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Re: Skycatcher Selling Price

Postby FastEddieB » Tue May 23, 2017 6:41 am


If time is not a factor, I'd start the pricing towards the high end of your expectations. If it doesn't sell, maybe reduce the price $5k per month until it does.

The markets are so thin on Light Sports it's really hard to know what they're worth until you have someone ready to buy at a certain price.

But your post points out the possible fulfillment of a prophecy some have made - the effect of BasicMed on used Light Sport prices. With more owners like you motivated to sell, plus fewer potential buyers motivated to buy, it probably can't help but exert downward pressure on prices.

But good luck - they're nice little planes and I'm sure the perfect buyer is out there somewhere.
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Re: Skycatcher Selling Price

Postby DennisPersyk » Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:46 am

I posted an ad on Barnstormers for $70K. The very next morning I got a call from a sport pilot who lives about 40 miles from me. We negotiated a final price of $55K which I was satisfied with. A few days later I got a call from an airline pilot who was really interested and would have probably offered me more. Too late.

I flew my Skycatcher for two years and an enjoyable 150 hours. I have my Basic Med now and am buying back my C-172 that I sold two years ago.

Fly safely and often.

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