SkyView Software Version 15.0 Released

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SkyView Software Version 15.0 Released

Postby Wm.Ince » Thu Nov 03, 2016 3:52 pm

Dynon’s latest SkyView software update - version 15.0 - is now available for download for all SkyView systems.

SkyView Software Version 15 contains a variety of new features to enhance the SkyView flying experience, including:

Extended Runways Centerlines
Highway in the Sky (HITS)
Airport Signposts in Synthetic Vision
Maintenance Logging
Weight and Balance Calculator
ADS-B Traffic and Weather from SkyView’s SV-ADSB-470 is now transmitted via Wi-Fi for use by 3rd party apps (FlyQ, Foreflight, etc)
Airspace proximity notification. This includes airspace you are in, upcoming airspace along your flight path, and those that are above and below you.
Activating “Direct-To” with a runway selected under airport runway info will create a 5nm leg to the chosen runway along the extended centerline.
VNAV from SkyView’s flight plan to your destination airport, arriving either above the airport or right at the runway itself.
EGT/CHT widget now available in “vertical” orientation.
Read more about additional features and improvements at the SkyView system upload site.
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Re: SkyView Software Version 15.0 Released

Postby drseti » Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:12 pm

I updated my firmware last week. Some really nice features. I especially like the maintenance calendar - alerts can be set based upon date, Hobbs, or tach. Items turn red onscreen when due.
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