New RV12 Dealership

Talk about airplanes! At last count, there are 39 (and growing) FAA certificated S-LSA (special light sport aircraft). These are factory-built ready to fly airplanes. If you can't afford a factory-built LSA, consider buying an E-LSA kit (experimental LSA - up to 99% complete).

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New RV12 Dealership

Postby c162pilot » Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:01 pm

Just received the latest copy of the monthly RV12 newsletter in my email inbox. I have commented previously on this forum that I think it shows a lot of good marketing prowess from Vans to provide a tasteful and informative newsletter every month on the progress of the RV12 program. In the latest issue Vans is announcing another dealership for the RV12. Seems to me that by developing a network of dealerships that are service centers, flight schools and also rental facilities is a great way to grow the business and brand for the S-LSA version of RV12. I wish Vans much success with this dealership program.


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Re: New RV12 Dealership

Postby Nomore767 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:34 pm

Another advantage is that the RV-12 SLSA is Made in the USA! Being able to call Vans with a question is important to me.

I ordered my plane over the phone in a very quick and easy experience. The airplane was ready just about six weeks later and I took delivery with 4.9 hours on my airplane (I got 5 more hours in a Vans demo plane which was included in the price) and flew the airplane home across the USA.
The Chesapeake Sport operation is an excellent way for prospective sport pilots to have a discovery flight in several models, including a couple of brand new RV-12 SLSAs. They are all about sport flying and a great resource for those interested this type of flying.

I've flown about 166 hours in my RV-12 SLSA since July 2014 and have to say I really love it.

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