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uh oh

Postby yozz25 » Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:32 pm

In this day and age, the less you tell the government, any government, the better. Government offices are very good at delaying your whole life if you do not fit properly into their system by answering all questions in the negative. Else you would be spit out of system and be lost in the myriad of the civil serpent shuffle.

The best was when I moved to the great Territory of Nevada. In order to get a drivers license, I had to surrender one of my NY licenses to Territorial DMV, no problem. But they also wanted to see my SS card. I lost that years ago, so I went to the local SS office, they told me to go to another one downtown to get the card. I went downtown, the line was out the door and they said I will be seen about 7 PM. It was 10AM.

Damn, what to do? Should I just forget about it and use NY license for the rest of my life, should I go to east las vegas and have a phony made up? Ah, printed up about 5 years of tax returns, signed h and r block on them for official preparer, and gave them to DMV examiner, finally issued license.

This is why I have 5 different drivers licenses, six SS numbers, and 3 passports. I'm working on my green card so I can get a job in a bodega here.

It's coming to a point where people would only play games with a system to commit fraud, now you have to play games even if your intentions are quite honest.

I'd be afraid to tell the FAA I had a hang nail, that would mean countless visits to skin doctor, numerous blood tests, dexterity tests at nerve doctor and 8 inches of paper work that they would lose.

yozz :evil:

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Postby gswillis » Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:21 pm

Are the four anti-depressants that are listed the only ones allowed.Is Cymbalta included or not?

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more insanity

Postby yozz25 » Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:57 am

gswillis wrote:Are the four anti-depressants that are listed the only ones allowed.Is Cymbalta included or not?

Cymbalta is an SNRI. Whereas the other 4,lexapro, prozac, clelexa and anther are SSRI's. These 4 are for serotonin uptake gizzmos, whereas the SNRI is also seroton uptake, along with another gizzmo/hormone/whatever.

IMHO, it's a bunch of bullspit. Why out of the clear blue sky simply pick these 4 anti'd's? According to the website of cymbalta, it is indicated for "major depression" but what is to stop the doc from giving it to you for minor depression? There are tons of anti depressants out there, and each one effects each person differently, so why they picked these is beyond me.

If you have major depression, you are not able to fly yet alone even function. I've been there many years ago, quite a nasty place, flying is the last thing you want to do, you're lucky if you can play a radio or read a newspaper.

Depression is very difficult to quantify. The doc asks you a series of questions, most people have a minor case of it, just perpetual blues but on the light side. People with a more severe case can be spotted a mile away by the trained eye, driving is questionable, flying is out of the picture.

The main thing is if you the depression is controlled enough for you to operate a plane safely and just as important are the side effects of the drug also being well tolerated for safe operation. All quite subjective.


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Postby drseti » Fri Aug 03, 2012 7:36 pm

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