What NOT to do

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Jim Hardin
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What NOT to do

Postby Jim Hardin » Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:04 am

Looking for info on the Sting site and take a look at their first video - "TL Sting Sport ultralight S 4 test flight"

These are 2 skilled(?) pilots doing a demo but the voice is in Czech so I do not understand that part. It is how they handle the flying that raised my eyebrows.

I don't really have any real issue with the dead stick landing from a factory demo but restart and go on roll out?

There are many other questionable things in there that raise doubts about their professionalism.

See what you think :wink:

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Re: What NOT to do

Postby FastEddieB » Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:48 am

Nothing glaring stood out to me. Though I have no doubt I could do a dead stick landing, I have not done an intentional one in my entire flying career. But that's a matter of individual risk assessment.

The landings all appeared quite good to me. The only thing about the engine restart on the touch and go might be how cold the engine and oil might have been to have full power applied.

Maybe some other little things, but none worth mentioning that I can think of.
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Jim Hardin
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Re: What NOT to do

Postby Jim Hardin » Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:09 am

What I find troubling...

The left seat fellow was the PIC. Start with the first takeoff. He is talking with his hands and fiddling with the EFIS as he taxis onto the runway. Full throttle and starts the roll with throttle hand in crotch (his) and other hand on arm rest. The hand/crotch is common for the flight.

Interviewer takes stick and finds his knee pad is in the way. Controls free and smooth from checklist? Oh that's right never see a checklist in this video.

Several throttle moves during the climb. Get the feeling it was slipping, but if hand was on it... Now there could have been the reduction from maximum rpm down to max continuous and further adjustments to nail the RPM.

Ever see them look for traffic? Pilots and boaters never seem to think anything can come up from behind.

Who was flying during the steep turns? Looked like both.

Engine was off for 2 minute, I would have stopped restarted and checked things out before takeoff.

During the approach there was what I call nibbling slips. Not a continuous one with adjustment but several quick ones yet still landed long even for a dead stick. Again, not even a glance for traffic.

Same nibbling turn in other landings but never got it lined up with the runway centerline. Seemed to be no wind which would still not justify it.

Did like the fingertips on stick though :wink:

Strict? I prefer to think of it as professional.

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