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have fun

Postby yozz25 » Mon May 31, 2010 10:01 pm

Yeah, I hear ya.

I still have stuff on my bucket list, want to do some more traveling, perhaps even start a small business, all sorts of crap, just try things.

This is why I need something to look forward to each day and if a cheap sports job walks my way, go for it, otherwise, I can just join the flying club at the school and rent, split trips with other pilots, etc.

Wife has no interest in it, no way, she doesn't even want to travel anywhere where we have to go long on a commercial airline. So occasionally I just pick up at short notice and go, or at least I used to before they screwed up commercial air transport.

It may sound nuts at this time, but as I gain hours, and perhaps accumulate 150, then I can perhaps look to be a sports CFI, as suggested by the chief flight guy at the school.

If the sports thing heats up, that may at least be a plan.

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