LSA Safety Picture Emerging

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LSA Safety Picture Emerging

Postby Daidalos » Mon Jul 13, 2009 10:28 pm

That is the title of the article I just read in August Flying magazine. I read it with great interest since I am currently only flying LSA’s but have well over 600 hours in traditional Part 23 aircraft and an IFR rating..

I found myself in agreement with the conclusions. The pilots starting with LSA’s are doing better than those transitioning from larger aircraft. This was also something I heard from several LSA instructors before this article came out. It was certainly in line with my personal experience. I was trying to land it like a PA-28. It is also a lot more susceptible to gusts. I canceled a flight this weekend that I would have made in my old PA-28. But it climbs and glides a lot better too!

Read the article if you are interested, but in a nutshell factory built LSA’s have about twice the fatal accident rate of Part 23 aircraft. AB Experimental and kit LSA’s are even higher. It was hard to sort out the Part 23 LSA’s which are LSA eligible. It sounds like expectations and training rather than manufacturing are the key issues except for the experimentals.

The manufacturing process and ASTM standards came out pretty well.
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