AOPA's 2011 Aviation Summit

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AOPA's 2011 Aviation Summit

Postby Jack Tyler » Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:10 am

For those of you up in the Northeast, you might want to consider attending AOPA's annual 'convention' (see announcement below). It may sound a bit off-center to recommend this event to a Sport Pilot audience, but it shouldn't be. This is always a first-class affair with a wide array of concurrent seminars and public presentations, it is always co-located with an aircraft exhibit at the nearby airport (free transport is available, to and from) and admission is quite inexpensive if you skip the 'official' meals. It's even open to non-AOPA members. For those who can't make it, AOPA now offers a number of these sessions in video format (AOPA Live) on their website. E.g. one of their Oshkosh interviews was a 30 min. discussion with Harrison Ford, which was far more about aviation than about Hollywood. Just one tidbit: Ford talks about the 300+ Young Eagle flights he's given, in a mix of the aircraft he flys, fixed wing and rotary.

Anyway, if it's geographically possible, I'd suggest you consider attending, no matter what training or piloting level you may be at. I found these unique events and the wider exposure they give one to General Aviation to be quite eye-opening. I notice they've extended the 'early bird' (aka: cheaper) registration to Sep. 9th.

"AOPA Aviation Summit 2011, general aviation’s premier event, will take place in Hartford, Connecticut, from September 22 through 24 at the Connecticut Convention Center and at Hartford-Brainard Airport, the location of this year’s Airportfest.

Enjoy hundreds of exhibits; attend keynote addresses, AOPA Live, and product demonstrations; and interact with fellow members all within the exhibit hall. The cornerstone of the event is a program of new and vibrant speakers, including the FAA administrator, and a new seminar schedule. With more than 60 hours of educational seminars to select from, you’ll find what you are looking for, whether you wish to refresh your pilot skills or are considering taking that first step to earning your certificate.

Visit the AOPA Member Pavilion to learn more about membership, financial, insurance, and pilot services. Stop by and say hello; you could walk away with great prizes, including an Apple iPad.
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Postby Guest » Fri Sep 02, 2011 8:48 pm

My wife and I plan to attend.

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