SP Knowledge Test cost/length - a little confusion?

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SP Knowledge Test cost/length - a little confusion?

Postby chicagorandy » Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:09 pm

So I happened to be riding past the nearest CATS/PSI test center to my house and decided to drop in to say hi etc.

The gent there advised me that the SP knowledge written test was 60 questions long, and $150. NO $10 discount for EAA, only AOPA and he had no idea where that EAA rumor got started.

Once I got back home and fired up the interwebs, all the CATS/PSI websites I can find do indeed mention the EAA discount and the various FAA websites and other sources all say 40 questions.

My specific interest is wanting to structure my online Gleim practice exams to be as much like the 'real thing' as possible.

Shall I chalk it up to the local guy having a bad Saturday, or perhaps find another test center?
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Re: SP Knowledge Test cost/length - a little confusion?

Postby Warmi » Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:17 pm

I took the test at Bolingbrook at this place http://www.illinoisaviationmuseum.org.
No problems , very professional, quick and painless.
Flying Sting S4 ( N184WA ) out of Illinois

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Re: SP Knowledge Test cost/length - a little confusion?

Postby foresterpoole » Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:59 pm

Sport is 40 questions and 2 hours of allowable time. Sounds like he got mixed up with private which is 60 questions and 2.5 hours of allowable time. I don't know anything about discounts. Make sure your taking the right test, it would suck to pass the private when you needed the sport or vise versa. Having taken both in the last year, some questions are overlap and show up on both, but some are specifically tailored so just make sure you take the correct one.

Some good practice tests can be taken for free off the King Schools website. I used them as a practice test multiple times. I studied using Gleim and Sporty's both good in my opinion as well...

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Re: SP Knowledge Test cost/length - a little confusion?

Postby SteveZ-FL » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:34 am

I took the test a couple weeks ago. First thing I did was to call the CATS toll-free phone number. They arranged the test appointment time during the call. During the call they took my ID info and the credit-card payment. They were ready to take EAA or AOPA (my choice) at this time for the discount. I got a confirmation email which acted as a receipt for payment and detailed the test instructions and appointment time/place

The test site was at a local FBO. When I went to take the test the proctor (CFI there) asked for my ID and test authorization. I gave him my driver's license and Gleim letter. The proctor then got online and logged into the CATS system. I answered a few procedural and survey questions online and was then taken to a special room set up specifically for testing. The proctor explained the process and made sure the illustration supplement booklet was the correct one. I had brought a manual E6B computer and a plotter, but nothing else was allowed to be brought into the testing room. There was a basic four-function calculator at the testing station for testee use. The proctor demonstrated the computer and display system, and the test then began.

When the test was completed, the proctor submitted the test to CATS for online grading. About a minute later the graded test completion paperwork was printed. The proctor explained what it was, applied a seal to the test results sheet, congratulated me and gave me the paperwork.

All in all, the process could not have been simpler or easier.

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Re: SP Knowledge Test cost/length - a little confusion?

Postby HAPPYDAN » Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:37 pm

Surprising how some places are really confused about the battery of knowledge tests. I re-took the Sport Pilot (Airplane) Test this last August. Processed in CATS with an FBO (which will remain nameless), got the briefing, closed the door, sat down to take the test - and shock - she had opened it to the drone test! Back to the front desk, argument ensued, transaction cancelled and re-entered for the correct test. I WAS considering signing up for lessons with them, but that incident put the cork in that bottle. Oh, and the discount DOES apply to AOPA and EAA members.

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