Speed Endorsement Confusion

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Speed Endorsement Confusion

Postby Paul Hamilton » Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:01 pm

I have noticed big confusion about the old and now the new speed endorsement. Now there is no Make/model ”SET” of aircraft.

§61.323 “make/model set” is gone now and all related rules for pilots and instructors eliminated. It is now split up for light sport aircraft speed endorsements for an above 87 knots Vh aircraft and now new below 87 knots Vh endorsement for the low mass, high drag, slower speed aircraft per §61.327 for pilots and §61.423 for flight instructors.

Lets clear up this speed endorsement in the past and now. Here it is: how and when to get Sport Pilot speed endorsements, above and below 87 knots.

It should be noted that Private Pilots flying as sport pilots do not need any speed endorsements per §61.303. Additionally, Student Pilots do not need speed endorsements per §61.327. The speed endorsement is for sport pilots not students. The two flight instructor endorsements on the FAA student pilot license make/model, and students logbook make/model is adequate. However the instructor should provide the speed endorsement for the aircraft before the checkride so the sport pilot has it already. Otherwise, the pilot has to go get the endorsement after the chekride! It should be part of the checkride signoff check-list .

If you are a sport pilot flying any aircraft, you need the a speed endorsement. If you do not have one, get one from any instructor. I have noticed this has been overlooked by many instructors. For the low speed endorsement, anyone who has pilot in command time logged in their logbook before March 3, 1010 is grandfathered in and does not need the low speed endorsement. Their logged time is their signoff.
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