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Re: Ramp Check

Postby Jack Tyler » Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:05 am

For those who would like to hear an extended discussion on ramp checks - what to expect, what are your obligations and such - AOPA has an audio webinar available that's very complete and helpful. It's given by a former FAA attorney who has now been with AOPA for many years, serving out legal advice.

Must you produce a current sectional (or digital counterpart) if asked to do so? Must you grant access to your hangar, or allow the inspector to board your a/c? Must you provide your logbook to the inspector if asked? Are you required to answer all of the a/c-related questions posed by the inspector? Must you permit the inspection if it means a 'meaningful' delay to you - e.g. you flew into the airport for lunch, you know weather is arriving that afternoon back at your home base, and you are approached for a ramp check just as you are preflighting for your departure? Can the inspector ground your a/c if s/he sees something s/he's concerned about? Can the inspector ground you for any reason? Does the new Pilots Bill of Rights significantly affect, in any way, how a ramp inspection should now be conducted.

The answers to all those questions is 'No'. But of course, hearing more about the legal context for why all those answers are 'No' is the educational part. Highly recommended. And yet another reason - if there needs to be one - why an AOPA membership is a great value. (And even free to student and some military pilots).

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