Do you need a legal WX briefing to fly?

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Postby FrankR » Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:12 pm

I believe, that done properly, a short time before flight, a legal breifing can show due dilligence if you bust a pop up TFR.
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Re: Do you need a legal WX briefing to fly?

Postby Jack Tyler » Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:02 am

There's some good discussion here on 'before' (briefing, flight planning) and 'after' (NASA procedure) but not enough about 'during'. If a TFR pops up, it's easy-peasy to call Flight Watch (122.0) and ask them about it. That will produce the current scoop and also protect you if FW in fact gave you dated or incorrect info.

Many pilots don't realize that getting a 'local' briefing means they are talking to someone who may be based many hundreds of miles away. The pilot may well know more about the typical wx systems in her/his area than the briefer. For a given flight, what the briefer knows may only be what's on his terminal. My point is that, on any cross-country from one area to another, there's no harm in calling FSS or FW and asking for current wx conditions further along your route. You may actually be flying into an area where the briefer is located. And even if that's not true, you'll get updated wx info which allows you to compare your original expectations with real-world wx developments.

The radio is a tool, folks. Most of us can use it more effectively than we do. And wouldn't it be great if ALL of us offered up at least one pirep on each flight?
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