loose 912 uls carburetor

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loose 912 uls carburetor

Postby Big steve » Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:39 pm

The left cylinders caburetor mount screw backed out of the intake manifold leaving a 1/16" gap causing the left cylinders not to fire after we had landed. probably ran for at least 5 min after this happened, causing alot of vibration. checked intake bolt threads, not stripped, re-torqued to 18 foot lbs & 1 drop of locktite. restarted, seemed ok. plan on flying in pattern today. have you heard of this happening before & what are the chances of severe engine damage ? My guess is that the left carb wasn't sucking any fuel since the intake manifold was exposed to atmosphere. Egt probe confirmed no combustion was occuring on left side when it happened. thanks for your expert opinions

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