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Re: Insurance Grumblings

Postby Paul Z » Sat Jul 11, 2015 10:38 pm

I had mine insured through EAA Falcon in Kerville. I had flown it up to Idaho to get it converted to a tail dragger. I needed to update my policy to add a flight instructor to get current flying a tail dragger and to change the plane from a tricycle gear to a tail dragger. When I called Falcon was less than helpful and very slow in responding. Since it was about to expire, I called Heather Brown at Regal Aviation for Insurance. Her quote came in at $1400 for $85000 hull, over $250 less than what I was paying for the insurance on the TriGear configuration at Falcon. I finally got a Tail Dragger quote from Falcon, they wanted $2200, needless to say I was glad I swapped carriers.
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