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LSA Flying Club idea

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:32 pm
by joey4420
Okay, Here are my thoughts, of course I haven't gotten it down in a nice orderly fashion yet; but I am working on it.

I live just outside of KHAO in Butler County Ohio, I am going for my sport cert at this time and find that trying to locate an LSA to rent to fly or without driving an hour or more is difficult to say the least. The Greater Cincinnati area has over 2500 Registered Pilots (I do not have a Sport pilot to Private Pilot breakdown).

I want to start an Equity based LSA club consisting of 3 aircraft to start (dream big), I am thinking a low wing (Zenith 601 XLB EAB) maybe a Kitfox IV or Zenith 750 high wing/STOL aircraft, and older Taylorcraft or Aeronca taildragger.

I am looking at 24 members (more would require a 4th aircraft, and if Less then 20 then 1 less aircraft).

If I can buy 3 aircraft for 75k or less it would be $4000.00 buy in per member (this would give us enough money right off the start to rebuild or repair an aircraft out of pocket in case we have issues).

$30.00 an hour (or less) dry this should easily cover maintenance.

$80 a month fees to cover hanger and Insurance

I have found a hanger space large enough for 3 aircraft for $1050.00 a month (I plan to negotiate this to include an office space to keep log books and a computer for preflights). Hanger includes work benches and an air-compressor as well as Hazmat storage (MSDS Lockers).

I am only waiting on cost of insurance at this time before I can truly calculate all costs.

I want to open it up to all (Sport or PPL) and even non-Pilots who what to learn.

I plan to have a CFI check ride to be performed in all aircraft before getting sign off to solo, this should include but not limited to 4 hours per aircraft and no less than 6 takeoff and landings. The reason is as you know a PPL may not be use to the light wing load of an LSA and for insurance purposes.

Monthly meetings and at least 4 hours annually for safety training. My thought is every month at the meetings we can have some form of safety briefing and then spring and fall have a couple 1 hour sessions.

My goal would be to get the hourly dry cost down to around $20, but I have to wait and see the condition of the aircraft purchased and how close to Overhaul they are. Most LSA or older small engine aircraft should be in the $30 per hour wet, so it should be obtainable.

I am also hoping to have either a CFI as a member or have one or two available to provide training in the aircraft in case someone wants to either get a Sport cert or move up to a PPL or if I can get one so equipped to have the CFI teach IFR in the aircraft.

Any thoughts or ideas? I like to get feedback so it will help me with my presentation as I am currently set to speak at a fly-in next month. I still need to get the name and several other steps before I even thing of a presentation, but I know I am getting closer.

Re: LSA Flying Club idea

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:24 pm
by TimTaylor
Here's a spreadsheet I made some time ago. Feel free to use this to estimate cost. The problem I've had in the Atlanta area is finding anyone really interested.

Re: LSA Flying Club idea

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:45 pm
by joey4420
Thanks Tim, This is pretty much where I was already at on cost, except the planes I have in mind will only cost 25k or less. I was figuring almost the same money for 3 aircraft so 70-75k.

But great info none the less.

Thank you.

Re: LSA Flying Club idea

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:53 pm
by TimTaylor
Just change the figures in the model to fit your proposal. You'll find a combination of values and formula that you can easily change one or the other as needed.