Instant way to grade students performance

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Instant way to grade students performance

Postby bryancobb » Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:30 am

The Pan-Am CFI's in the Primary Phase of Army Flight School, used this form for Stage Checks and Check Rides.

It made grading EACH ELEMENT of each maneuver instantaneous by simply making a "slash" across the students performance or lack of it.

All the stuff below a single number in a circle, MAKES UP ONE MANEUVER.
The NAME of THAT maneuver is at the bottom before the next circled number. If all your "hash marks" are across the solid black triangles, on one maneuver, then you did it PERFECTLY and all elements were in the middle of the nominal range.

Just take a look. It could work very well for CFI's and especially DPE's.
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