An "interesting" trip for a $100 Panini

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An "interesting" trip for a $100 Panini

Postby rcpilot » Fri Nov 30, 2018 7:27 pm

Yes, I had a panini. So this is going to fall into the category of "don't do it again." So one of my former classmates has a Cessna 152 and we've met up a couple of times for lunch. The plan was to meet at KGON and go to Cafe 511. I'm coming from KHWV and him from KSFZ. The weather was forecast to be overcast and looked like any precip was going to be much later in the day. I suggested breakfast since the weather outlook(other than a temp in the mid-low 30's) looked better. He opted for an early lunch and the plan was to meet at 11:30. My travel time was about 30 minutes going and my plan was to leave at 10:45. I'm preflighting my plane and someone walks by and tells me there is "ice" headed our way. Just about that time it starts sleeting. Well now. I call my friend and tell him. The weather in RI is still good and he's leaving and unless he runs into the same weather he'll be there. I probably should have just covered the plane, tied it down and called it a day. I call for a weather briefing and they inform me it looks like the system is breaking up and shouldn't be an issue. A few minutes later the sleet stops. I have a look and there is no ice on the plane. I finish my preflight and off I go. Trip there is uneventful. We have lunch(good food/service if anyone is ever in that neighborhood) and then back out to the planes. My wife calls me and informs me it's raining back home. Well I get the plane ready and check the weather at KGON and KHWV. Visibility is still 10 miles and ceilings are not an issue. Off I go. I get a little very light rain on my way back. I land and about the time I finish tying down the plane, it starts raining/sleeting again. I text my friend about my having just beat the weather. Turns out he had to head back to KGON because he ran into a snow storm. I guess this is what happens when you listen to the forecasts. Nothing about sleet/snow. I guess next time I just sit it out.

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Re: An "interesting" trip for a $100 Panini

Postby Jim Hardin » Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:21 am

Some days are just that way.

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