Is sport aviation dying

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Re: Is sport aviation dying

Postby joey4420 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:12 am

These numbers look great. You will spend around $6000 renting and paying for CFI. Average rental is $100 a hour. So at 30 hours flying in this club would save around $1650 then every hour you fly after you get your cert will save you money as well.

Might be hard to swallow the initial 5k hit, but would be cheaper than buying your own plane. As far as sharing... just don't make plans to fly Saturday. Everyone wants to fly Saturday.

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Re: Is sport aviation dying

Postby HAPPYDAN » Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:56 am

chicagorandy wrote:To the OP's topic -is it dying? - boy I sure hope not -

I'm 68 and just took my first ever Discover Flight ride in an Evektor Sport and was bitten bad by the flight bug.

So I hope it sticks around at least as long I'm trying to. As a complete newbie to flight training, although aviation has been a passion for all my life, my first impressions are that there is a substantial PPL snobbery against Sport Pilotage, that most flight schools can't see the forest for the trees and pass up the opportunity to grow the community with those of us taking small steps into the sky, and finally that Sport flying IS a way for a whole lot of us old farts and youngsters alike to slip the surly bonds without needing to win the lottery. So by golly, I for one will do what I can to keep sport aviation alive.

Yeah, I've experienced the same. Most places don't/won't even consider it, even if they have a qualifying LSA. Some advertise, then try to pull a "switch" when you inquire. Then some, as with my most recent experience, seem to patronize, but don't follow any plan or syllabus. If I decide to try again, my first question will be "How many Sport Pilots have you successfully trained, and may I be allowed to contact them?" Much like yourself, I enjoy all things aviation related; I'm a member of EAA, AOPA, and The Museum of Flight (Seattle). But the chronic disappointment has led me to a point of near depression. Good Luck in your endeavor, and hold on to that positive attitude!

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